Resistat Home Page

Apparel: Career and industrial apparel manufacturers use fabrics made with Resistat fiber because of its superior static decay and surface resistivity characteristics. The fiber can be knitted or woven into fabrics to make antistatic products that show excellent performance in commercial laundering. End uses include:

  • Electronics Manufacturing Apparel

  • Clean Room Garments

  • Military Apparel

  • Medical Applications

  • Refineries

  • Paint Spraying

Industrial Fabrics: Sanstat monofilament is the industry leader for eliminating static in nonwoven forming fabrics, industrial process belts and filtration fabrics.

Carpet: The carpet industry adds Resistat fibers to the yarns used in manufacturing anti-static carpet and its backing. These products eliminate static shock while protecting sensitive electrical equipment against electrostatic discharge (ESD) in computer rooms, call centers, electronics manufacturing and commercial office spaces.

Brush: Resistat fibers are used in roller and strip brushes for copiers, edge seals and machine applications. Sanstat monofilaments are spiral wound, tufted and strip-set into brushes for household, sanitary and industrial brush applications.

New Products: We have recently developed a Conductive Polyester staple fiber for high-temperature and medical applications.